‘South of Houston’, Manhattan, began as a historical district in New York City. An architectural landmark defined by handsome Renaissance style buildings and a population of artistic individuals, it evolved into SOHO. A hip, avant-garde neighbourhood synonymous with world-class galleries, innovative fashion and an unmistakable bohemian vibe.
It is this spirit of creative diversity, freedom and convergence that is captured in every Far East SOHO.
LOCALEBe at the centre of it all.

Every SOHO is a hive of boundless creative energy. Diverse backgrounds. Different inspirations. There is a SOHO for every lifestyle. A place where individuals can create and re-invent. Avid urbanites will find the SOHO of their dreams in Singapore’s most sought-after districts.
CONNECTIVITYLive connected.

SOHO is a gateway to the imagination. An expression of how one chooses to live. The energy of a billion ways to interact with the surrounding world. The shops and meeting places below. The recreational facilities. The wireless nodes and intersections that connect.
SPACEA new perspective.

Every SOHO is designed to give total freedom. A blank canvas. A time to explore. Play with it. Shape it. Give it a character – yours. Extend living spaces vertically as well as horizontally. SOHO is urban living from a unique point of view. The ultimate discovery of dimension and space that makes functional, and living sense.