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Glam Societe

Dynamic landscape
The kimrobinson studio is located in the heart of the city, at Chater House in the Central neighbourhood. In contrast, my home is on the opposite side of Hong Kong, in Clearwater Bay, near the country parks. I think both the studio and my home reflect calm, peaceful oases, and for me, the studio is a sanctuary in the heart of Hong Kong.
Our studio opened in 2002, and we have seen a lot of changes to Central over the years. It’s an incredibly fast-paced city, and there’s been a lot of growth and development since we first opened our doors over a decade ago.

Unwinding from work
I love being at the studio, working with my clients, and developing new products that really make a difference to how people look and feel. I’m fortunate to have so many wonderful clients, including Kathy Chow, Jennifer Tse, Sandy Lam, Carina Lau, and Cherie Chong, who are all based in Hong Kong, while one of my long-time clients, Suze Orman, flies to Hong Kong from New York.

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Social Tribes


Within a stone’s throw
I live and work in Sodermalm, a neighbourhood in the south of Stockholm. My home and workplace and my children’s school and daycare are all situated within a couple of blocks of each other. I feel lucky that I live so close to everything I need, and save so much time from not having to commute to work daily.

Your glamourous home lies here.

Chic island
Sodermalm has always been known as a working-class residential area. Now, though, it’s as fashionable as parts of central Stockholm, with significant shopping options and expensive housing. The neighbourhood is, in reality, a pretty big “island”. When it started to become popular and trendy in the ’90s, the eastern area called SoFo was buzzing. However, there has been a lot going on in the west side recently; many popular restaurants, bars and galleries have been established there.

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Urban Knights

Tze Chun is the founder of Uprise Art, a contemporary art gallery based in the Meat packing district of New York City as well as the co-creator of MiniMash App and the owner of Brooklyn restaurants Dover and Battersby. She talks about the achingly hip neighbourhood that is her workplace.

Fashionable neighbourhood
Though I live in the West Village, another cool Manhattan neighbourhood, my gallery, Uprise Art, is located in the Meatpacking District. It used to be an industrial area for just that – packing meat. Now, it has the most vibrant nightlife in the city and is home to the new Whitney Museum, fashion boutiques, The Standard Hotel and the High Line Park.

An industrial edge
Like many parts of New York City, I love that there is a mix and intersection of history, charm, and grit. It has charming cobblestone streets, as well as an industrial edge. Old auto repair shops have been turned into boutiques and factory buildings are now art galleries. My mother is Singaporean and father is from Hong Kong – two of the most vibrant global cities – and I was born in New York. I feel that Meatpacking District imbibes a very cosmopolitan vibe similar to these two Asian cities.

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